Friday, April 22, 2011

Kinect Libraries

Today I've been looking around at the libraries available for Kinect development. There's lots of hacking going on and so I wanted to create a list of libraries so as not to get confused. I've made it public in case it's of use to others (and feel free to correct me if I have made an error).

This is the main page for the open kinect libraries for Linux, OSX and Windows. There is a highlevel API and wrappers for Python, C, ActionScript, C++, C#, Java, Javascript and Lisp.

An extention for Chrome/Safari from MIT media lab that allows javascript access to the kinect. Unfortunately only the source is available and it's not a simple install at the moment, but looks promising.

PrimeSense are a company that make the PrimeSensor, a product on which the Kinect was based. They have drivers to convert real images to depth maps (called PrimeSense/Sensor). However they have also created a driver for the Kinect, called SensorKinect.

OpenNI -
OpenNI supplies a set of APIs to be implemented by the sensor devices, and a set of APIs to be implemented by the middleware components. A very interesting PDF is the OpenNI Userguide.

This is "middleware" made by PrimeSense, which plugs into the OpenNI framework

The Flexible Action and Articulated Skeleton Toolkit sits on top of NITE, and provides tracking of whole skeletons. (Windows only)

openNI Kinect
This focusses on the integration of the Kinect with ROS (Robot OS)

I will keep updating as I discover more!

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