Monday, September 15, 2008

I've changed my name, thanks to Google

Having a common name like Kevin Brown is a bit of a problem when it comes to getting a consistent, unique id on the various different web sites like blogger, twitter and the like. I have experimented with a range of ids... but over this weekend I decided I'd go for a more radical option - to change my name.

I had a search on Google and discovered that kevinxbrown, kevinybrown and kevinzbrown all returned no search results - which surprised me a lot! Have no other Kevin Brown's in the world got a middle name starting with these letters? So I've now adopted the middle name Xavier (well, what other names start with X?) Sorry to my twitter community who I totally confused over the weekend with my little identity crisis - ignore my invitations - I think I'm back in one piece as kevinxbrown.

Yours forever (or until the next name change), Kevin Xavier Brown.

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Kevin X Brown said...

Update: "Twitter kevinxbrown" is currently a googlewhack!