• Channel 4 News - 9 May 2012, Google in driverless car march
    • Technology companies are cutting in on the drive to produce driverless cars. Fatima Manji reports.
  • British Computer Society - April 2012, BCS Video Interviews
    • Kevin Brown, IBM Senior Inventor, gets Brian Runciman MBCS to drive a car with his brain and trains him to run a brain wave reading headset
  • Tecnologia: massificação do poder da mente chega dentro de cinco anos - February 2012, Falar Global. Part of the IBM 5-in-5 mind reading coverage, in Portugal.
  • "Equipment to move objects with your mind" - October 2011, RedeTV, Brazil
    • "Move objects with only the power of thought is no longer subject to works of science fiction and it is now possible with equipment developed in England." [The equipment is actually developed in the US by Emotiv, and we linked it to IBM's middleware in Hursley, which made it possible to control other devices, like the fan and the car, very easily - this didn't seem to come across in the final cut!]
  • “IBM – behind the scenes” – August 2010, Meridian Tonight, ITV
    • “The ‘behind the scenes’ look at Hursley lab on the 6pm news on ITV’s regional news programme Meridian Tonight. really positions IBM as Innovation leaders, with world leading technical talent, and features some excellent messaging from the IBMers who star in it, including John McLean, Duncan Gill, Brian Innes, James Caffrey and Kevin Brown.”
  • “Can you train your brain” – March 2010, Bang Goes The Theory, BBC 1
    • “Kevin Brown, IBM Emerging Technology Services and Nicholas O’Leary, IBM Development Lead, Pervasive and Advanced Messaging Technologies, from IBM Hursley, were featured on BBC Bang goes the theory’s one hour special Can you train your brain? The Hursley Emerging Technology specialists advised the BBC on how an Emotiv headset is a type of sensor which can interconnect brain waves with various outputs, such as a car, using IBM middleware. This showcased IBM’s innovation leadership for a smarter planet and our consultants’ expertise on how emerging technologies can be applied to solve difficult challenges and achieve ground breaking first-of-a-kind experiments.”
  • “Mobile Stroke Solution” – September 2009, Digital Planet, BBC World Service.
    • Husband and wife team Kevin and Sarah Brown talk about their joint project to help stroke patients communicate more effectively using a simple tech solution.
  • “Twittering Hursley Minibus” – May 2009, Digital Planet, BBC World Service.
    • Gareth visits the largest software development lab in Europe – IBM’s Hursley campus. In contrast to the sprawling towers of Silicon Valley, this R&D centre is based in a massive historical country house in the heart of England, near Winchester. He sees the future of shopping with a demo inside their retail lab, and takes a trip on a bus that Tweets.
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