Friday, December 10, 2010

Emotiv Headset and Locked In Syndrome - Part 2

Today I visited Shah again to find out how he had got on using the Emotiv Headset, and the results were interesting. Shah was not using it very much now - because he had regained some movement in his finger - and this means that he will now have access to more traditional technology, such as a switch or maybe a computer mouse - very good news!

The inevitable question is - did the Emotiv headset help Shah get his finger movement back? Shah is skeptical that it had any impact. However general feedback from some of those involved was that there was a possibility that he may have recovered some movement because of the increased brain activity from using the headset.

This was not a clinical trial - it was an experiment to see whether such a device would help - so we will never know the true impact of it, or whether his finger movement would have recovered at the same rate anyway. But as his family told me, the headset demonstrated that it *was* possible for him to get some degree of personal control back, and that in itself was encouraging.

And what about the headset? Would Shah recommend trying it to others in a similar position? Yes! Has he given up using it now he has another option? Nah - he's a techy at heart and likes to play with it - just like the rest of us!!

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