Thursday, May 27, 2010

Wearable computing devices

Time to do a bit of blogging again. I've recently been asked about various wearable computing devices... here's a starter list, but I'd be interested in any other links you may have.

AR Glasses: These plug into a phone and can overlay data like directions / emails etc whilst travelling.

Gesture Gloves: Very accurate hand movement recognition.

Gesture Watch: Accelerometer, temperature, pressure sensors - also can act as wireless hub for other sensors.

Sixth Sense (wearable video/projector): Gesture recognition, ability to detect objects and augment real objects with data by projecting back on to them. Very cool.

Emotiv Headset: Brain reading device built for gamers which reads facial expression, excitement/engagement, trained actions and head movement.

NeuroSky Mindset: Brain reading device which measures excitement/engagement. Chip has the ability to add other sensors.

Mobile Phone Jewellery
: Article from 10 years ago about IBM going into jewellery that can be used as a mobile phone.

We have used some of these sensors in the ETS Lab... more in a follow up post!

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Anonymous said...

Kevin, cool tips. Is there a portable gadget that clips over an arm, that may have a screen to present to a client?